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Haddon House: Overlooked Foreign Food Store

haddonhouse4As good and cheap as Korean food may be, after some time you will begin your search for foreign grocery stores to find what your used to making at home or what you miss. Your search will probably only turn up with the foreign food marts or restaurants in Itaewon. That is disappointing on so many levels. Not only are they just okay, but they’re are much better foreign grocery’s stores in the same area.

If your going to Itaewon with the sole purpose of buying foreign groceries, do yourself a favor and check out Haddon House first. It might be the only store you need to go to, depending on what you are looking to buy. I can’t tell you how many times I searched “foreign food stores + Itaewon + Seoul” and this NEVER came up. I don’t know why it is such a big secret but I don’t intend on keeping it that way.

haddonhouse3It is a large foreign grocery store, by Korean standards, and it has a good selection and variety of things. There is a lot of fresh produce, including cilantro which I have yet to find anywhere else in Korea. You can find lunch meat (Oscar Meyer), cottage cheese, sour cream, edamame & other frozen vegetables, salsa, chips, cereal, candy, magazines, medicine, pastas & sauces, cheeses, spices, oils & dressings, canned goods (including refried & black beans), and tons of baking products (think Pillsbury cake & brownie mix, etc).  They even have a section f Korean groceries too, but you could get those anywhere.haddonhoue2

Expect to pay more than regular groceries. It is pricey because of what it is – imported foreign foods. It is not, however, more expensive than any of the other foreign food shops. Go treat yourself.

DIRECTIONS: Itaewon Station. Line 6. Exit 4. Walk straight to the first bus stop. Take bus 110B for 8 stops to Okjeong Middle School. Turn right when you exit bus and walk ~30 seconds. The building is on the left. You will see a sign for Haddon House – that is the back entrance. Walk around the right of the building to the main entrance. The store is downstairs.

CONTACT: 02-794-0511 | 8:30 a – 9:00 p

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